In 1989, Hurricane Gilberto devastated Cancun and nearby areas and left many people without a home or a job. Grandmother Lourdes was director and co-founder of Cancun's Gilberto Association, an organization formed to bring relief to the communities most affected by the hurricane by helping and supporting women and families affected with education and training and sources of employment. The organization created multiple free courses, with the most successful sewing courses. This is how the brand Xbaal, which means woman in Mayan, was born.






Our 100% cotton fabric is quite stiff in its natural state; in order to get it to its exceptionally soft and unique texture, we hand wash and dye it at very high temperatures. The final result of this process depends on many factors, such as a sudden change in temperature in the environment, the composition and density of the water we use, the weight of the fabric itself, and more. We value the art of craftsmanship, so we make sure that circumstances are optimal during this intricate process. We like to work in small batches, promoting slow fashion, sustainability, and attention to detail. Not every piece comes out identical, and there may be slight variations in color, which makes each creation a unique work of art. As a brand inspired by culture, we are proud to continue using our ancestors’ techniques with love and respect. 


 In 2017 mother Roxanna, and two daughters, Maria and Eugenia Ornelas , joined the company to continue their grandmother’s legacy. They decided to rename the brand to Ornelas By Xbaal and worked together to make it an original style for women and girls with a young spirit, to continue their grandmother's work of 30 years of supporting factories of community development of the Gilberto association of Cancun AC. Now, it was decided to help and support the woman since she is the pillar of the family. So when you buy a product from us, you support the woman's home.