About Us

¡ We are Ornelas By Xbaal !

 We are two sisters who used our last name and our grandmothers brand name, Xbaal, woman in Mayan, to create this brand, with an original style for women and girls with a young spirit, with the objective of continuing our grandmother's work of 30 years of supporting factories of community development of the Gilberto association of Cancun AC.  

The foundation began as a consequence of hurricane Gilbert, with the goal of helping and supporting women and families affected by the hurricane with education, training, and sources of employment.

Now, it was decided to help and support the woman, since she is the pilar of the family. So when you buy a product from us, you support the woman's home.

 ¡ Our Products !

  Our products are produced and dyed by hands of Mexican women, which is why their small flaws and differences in color are part of their charm.


 ¡ Our Mission !

 Design, produce, and commercialize Ornelas by Xbaal, offering the best products in design, quality, and price.   

 With the pride of being 100% Mexican and the firm commitment of promoting handmade products and community development.