About Us


  In 1989, Hurricane Gilberto devastated Cancun and nearby areas and left many people without a home or a job. Grandmother Lourdes was director and co founder of Cancun's Gilberto Association, an organization formed with the sole purpose of bringing relief to the communities most affected by the hurricane by helping and supporting women and families affected with education, training and sources of employment. The organization did this by creating multiple free courses, with the sewing courses being the most successful.This is how the brand Xbaal, which means woman in mayan, was born. Over its lifetime, the association has created 26 programs attended by 214,563 people. This past year, the organization has benefitted 7,071 people across 8 programs. 

In 2017 mother Roxanna, and two daughters, Maria and Eugenia Ornelas, joined the company to continue their grandmothers legacy. They decided to change the brands name to Ornelas By Xbaal and worked together to make it an original style for women and girls with a young spirit, with the objective of continuing their grandmother's work of 30 years of supporting factories of community development of the Gilberto association of Cancun AC.  

Now, it was decided to help and support the woman, since she is the pilar of the family. So when you buy a product from us, you support the woman's home.   



 Every garment is handmade & hand-dyed in small communities in Quintana Roo, Mexico with the purpose of embracing the artisanal method of our ancestors. 

The process behind each piece is profound and carefully conducted with love and delicacy by the hands of our artisans. Since our products are made in small batches, colors may vary, which is what makes each piece unique. 

We are proud to say that any left over fabric is always re-used to make clothing labels, or eventually used to make special pieces that are only sold in showrooms.



 With the pride of being a 100% Mexican brand, our goal is to promote the development of our community as we have done for many years. At Ornelas By Xbaal we are highly committed to design, produce, and offer sustainable, artisanal high-quality products.