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As a sustainable brand based in Mexico, our duty is to maintain our founder's long-standing commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Thirty-four years ago, Ornelas by Xbaal was founded along with a non-profit organization to provide women with economic empowerment and meaningful job opportunities. To this day, the brand and the organization continue to work in synergy by providing our community with hundreds of free learning programs in which women are equipped with valuable skills like sewing and then offered positions within the company.





The fabric thread is made on a rudimentary weaving machine, where it is twisted by hand. Afterward, to create the fabric, each thread is manually placed on a rustic machine, weaving the fabric together. It takes approximately 2000 threads to create one fabric.

Our 100% Mexican organic cotton fabric is quite stiff in its natural state; to get it to its exceptionally soft and unique texture, we hand wash and dye it at very high temperatures. The final result of this process depends on many factors, such as a sudden change in temperature in the environment, the composition and density of the water we use, the weight of the fabric itself, and more.

We like to work in small batches, promoting slow fashion, sustainability, and attention to detail. Every piece may have slight color variations, making each creation a unique work of art. As a brand inspired by culture, we are proud to continue using our ancestor's techniques with love and respect.